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Name:Distant Skies: A Panfandom RPG
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A panfandom RPG inspired by His Dark Materials
Looking over a lake in winter, the aurora borealis winds neon green across a dark, starry night sky. A single light shines from a cabin on the lake.

into this wild abyss

Suspended before you is the strangest thing: a patch of air different to the rest. Through it, you can see a street, a glimpse of sky. You blink, but the vision doesn’t go away. You’re not seeing things. You’ve found a window, a gap in the fabric of reality, a way into another world...

Welcome to Cittàgazze, stranger. It’s time for you and your dæmon to discover the wonders of the multiverse.

create more worlds

Distant Skies is a free-flowing panfandom RPG loosely based on His Dark Materials. Accompanied by their dæmon, one's soul in animal form, characters will discover that the world of Cittàgazze is just one of many universes available to explore.

They can return home, stay in Cittàgazze, or venture into worlds unknown. The possibilities are limitless. But whatever your character chooses, nothing will ever be the same for them again.

The game is now CLOSED.

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